Friday, 10 September 2010

The Bizarre Claims of a " Man of Budo"

Item: 33

Pierre Chasang Sensei the first student from 1952 of Tadashi Abe Sensei in France ~ Europe. The BS: Mr Poole claimed to have trained with Abe Sensei in France in 1952.
The Facts: Chasang Sensei states there were no English students with Abe Sensei during the 1950s.

< Tomio Otani Sensei.

The BS ~ Mr Poole claimed to have studied Kendo with Tomio in the early 1950s..The Facts:~ This was when Tomio was actually a 13 yr old schoolboy.

The BS: Jack Poole joined a judo club as an 8 year old. And by the time he had served with the British Army of the Rhine from 1951, had been graded 2nd dan Judo by Sensei Matsutaro Otani 7th dan and had represented the British Judo Council in competition at International level.

The Facts: This was 17 yrs before the BJC was formed. It was 27 yrs before the BJC entered International Competition.
BJC President Robin Otani Sensei stated " I have all my fathers old records now on computer files, there is no mention of a Jack Poole anywhere, I have never heard of him.

The BS: Mr Poole claimed to have a dan grade in Shotokan Karate 16 years before it was introduced to the UK.
The Facts: Vernon Bell Sensei introduced Karate to the UK in the 1950s. In 1966 he brought over Enoda Sensei of Shotokan Karate, this was the first introduction of Shotokan.