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Aikido Controversy ~ BAB & Jack Poole

British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show

1955 - Arrival in the UK of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei ~ Development of British Budo.

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Enquiry from a London Police Officer.

During the ``controversy`` I received an email from a London Metropolitan detective who was also involved in Aikido, he stated that Mr Poole had said to him ""How dare you question a man of Budo? a man who has studied directly with OSensei !""... I was asked if I could confirm this statement ?... I responded "" Mr Poole started Aikido as a complete beginner in 1968 with me, OSensei died in 1969, so the answer is `NO`!!!!.

Sorry ~ There are no Prizes for finding Mr Poole in the Photo.

L to R ~ Sensei's Foster ~Reynolds ~ Smith ~Ellis ~ Eastman ~ ``Mr Poole``.
Imagine how I felt when I am being presented with an award as a pioneer of British Aikido, the shock at seeing one of my own students unknowingly creep up to collect the same award...You could not make it up; the BAB did !!....

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BullShiDo - The Jack Poole Archives Click here >
BullShiDo Jack Poole Archives

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The People who helped to promote the " Jack Poole Myth "

< Mr G Masters:.

.Despite Mr Poole being proved beyond all doubt to be a fraud he still has some ardent supporters such as Gary Masters Sensei of the `` KenShinKai`` who wrote this heart rendering impassioned rather touching letter of support for Mr Poole on the NACD forum. With handerchief in hand Click here for letter>KenShinKai Letter

< Mr K Holland:

Another heartfelt message on the NACD was left by Mr Keith Holland who stated " Henry Ellis is envious that Mr Poole has gone on to achieve far more than Mr Ellis himself " ( words to that effect - message on file )

I humbly accept that Mr Poole is now senior to me with his self graded 7th dan Aikido.
I recall Mr Les White telling of what he referred to as a very embarrassing situation at a seminar; where Mr Poole asked all attendees from beginners to dan grades " Errgh, what do you all think if I promote myself to 7th dan ??? " Yes!! of course I am envious :-) .....just as I am envious of Mr Hollands grades and all those people given high grades by Mr Poole.......

Henry Ellis 6th dan: International BiranKai - AikKai Hombu..Grades signed by ~ Osensei M Ueshiba cert No 349 ~ Kenshiro Abbe ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ TK Chiba Shihan ~ The Doshu Moriterue Ueshiba.

This photo clearly shows Mr Poole as a beginner at the ESTA Slough Dojo in 1968.
In the this photo is a 16 year old student named Roger Gilmartin who just last week sent Henry Ellis the email copied above.
Click for the 1968 Jack Poole Gallery

Item: 30

The British Aikido Controversy ~ Who was to Blame ???

Of course Mr Jack Poole is to blame. Yet,one must consider the British Aikido Board to shoulder 90% of the blame. Mr Poole could not have achieved his initial intention to `con` his own students and the British Aikido community without the ```knowing ```and full corrupt support of the BAB.

< Left: Toni Davis.
The man that brought the BAB into disrepute.

Toni Davies in the year 2000 was the Chairman of the British Aikido Board. It was Mr Davies who placed the whole credibility of the BAB at stake by offering his full support to Mr Poole. He even resorted at a general meeting to something the membership had never witnessed before, he abruptly ended a meeting to prevent Mr Ellis speaking about Mr Poole and the collusion of the BAB executive. Mr Davies then lied to the `heads of organisations` that another group were waiting to use the room. A check with the manager confirmed the hall was used that day only by the BAB..

< Left: Mr Vincent Sumpter.

Mr Sumpter is the present chairman of the BAB. It was hoped that a new chairman would bring some respect back to the discredited BAB by resolving the situation referred to as the " British Aikido Controversy " unfortunately, Mr Sumpter proved to be worse than Toni Davies, Mr Sumpter became totally supportive of Mr Poole. Mr Sumpter would later embarrassedly face the officials of Sports UK and be ``ordered`` to give Henry Ellis a full apology.

Right: Ms Shirley Timms the secretary to the BAB from its inception. I respected her hard work over many years on behalf of the BAB and its membership. Yet, after so many years of faithful service she decided to give her full and undivided support to Mr Jack Poole.
Ms Timms informed the secretary of the ESTA ~ [Quote]: `That man` ( Henry Ellis ) is in BIG BIG trouble, we will take libel action against him. `That man` will never again take part in another BAB national seminar " [unquote]:...~

One can only assume that `BIG BIG` trouble is a lot of trouble? ..The truth is that Henry Ellis forced the BAB to a meeting with Sports UK where the BAB were ordered to give Mr Ellis an apology.Click here> British Aikido Board Apology

The threat that Mr Ellis would never again take part in a BAB national seminar could only be regarded as a blessing, the event is always poorly attended with teachers who are ``approved `` are mainly `friends` of Ms Timms.


A disturbing confession of an ex BAB executive as he apologizes for his part in the BAB executive slander of Henry Ellis at meetings in Ms Timms home...Click to read.. Click here

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