Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jack Poole's supporters Fight Back in Defence of their Budo Master and their Grades

Jack Poole made many false claimes in his attempt to change the history of British Aikido. 
Henry Ellis produced facts - with many photos/video/letters/statements/ documents/ all from eminent Martial Artists. Including TK Chiba Shihan ~ Robin Otani Sensei President of the BJC. Arnold Davies President of the International Bushido Za Zen Society. Pierre Chasange Sensei. all of which would prove that Mr Poole's bizarre claims were total bullshit;
Did Mr Poole fight back with evidence to support his charade? " NO "
The Only Cowardly Defence on Offer was Blackmail; please see the threatening email below to Henry Ellis.

Mr Poole was unable to counter with factual evidence ?? NO !! not once..Mr Poole's supporters had no defence to offer,so, to protect their grades these supporters began a campaign of blackmail & hate mail ~ They even created `Hate Websites` and hate email addresses in the name of Henry Ellis.( copies available )..No proof, just desperate childish revenge...Their childish antics came to nothing as Sport England compelled the BAB to give Henry Ellis a public apology for their conduct.

Email from the Poole supporters, Set up in my name and unsigned as always.


Sent: Monday; October 13, 2003 1: 02 pm
Subject: You Have Gone Too Far
>If you do not discontinue your disgusting, misguided and ignorant obession with >Jack Poole this site will be your worst nightmare.
> ( hate website )
>The world will be told every little detail about you, all those things you've tried to hide!
> You have been warned.


The Supporters of the Jack Poole Fraud - offered not one item of proof of Mr Poole's claims - so they reveret to the defense of the cowards they are, by anonymous emails and websites such as the one below.
  Here is another example of the cowardice of the Jack Poole cohorts. A hate website.

Mr Poole and his supporters did not offer one factual item of evidence. Just hate emails and websites.

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