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Discredited British Aikido Board

Create a Man of Budo

Mr Jack Poole

The Discredited British Aikido Board

BAB - claim to " Maintain Standards in British Aikido "

The BAB actually colluded with Jack Poole to alter the true history and lineage of British Aikido from its inception by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in 1955 - The BAB went to great lengths to protect and promote Mr Jack Poole as they continue to do to this day.

Henry Ellis a founder member of the once respected British Aikido Board protested at the devious conduct of the BAB - he was shunned by Ms Timms the BAB secretary and the Chairman Toni Davis along with Mr Sumpter the present chairman - Henry Ellis a founder member and British Aikido pioneer was compelled to resign from the BAB with his organisation the "Ellis Schools of Trdaitional Aikido".

Mr Poole should be congratulated on his promotion to 7th dan by his own students and fully approved by the British Aikido Board.

As the British Aikido Board now embraces all self graded 7th and 8th dans - Shihans and Hanshi - when will they proudly announce their first 9th dan?

Mr Arnold Davies 8th dan Hanshi, `ZaZen International Society` General Secretary.
States in a letter to Henry Ellis.

Having read Mr Pooles biography; wherein it indicates that he had Organised Courses throughout Europe is definitely untrue”.
“I now state quite clearly that Jack Poole was excluded from the Bushido ZaZen International Society under a cloud of mistrust and deceit”.
My own opinion of Jack Poole and which is drawn from experience, is “ I see him as a very egotistical man who will use and abuse the trust of genuine people in order to develop an identity for himself”.

    If, as with the gullible - we were to believe the British Aikido Board - Mr Jack Poole would be remembered as the first British student of Aikido - Kendo - Karate - The first BJC International competitive Judoka ( six years before the BJC was formed )  Mr Poole claimed to have been a 3rd dan Judoka and student of Matsutaro Otani Sensei - and a student of Kendo with Tommio Otani, at a time when Tommio would have been a 13 year old school boy.

Robin Otani Sensei the President of the British Judo Council has denounced the claims of Mr Poole.

The Jack Poole Biography Exposed - Click >  The Jack Poole Biography Exposed

The Martial Arts Encyclopedia - Mr Jack Poole - Click> The Martial Arts Encyclopedia - Mr Jack Poole

Ms Timms the BAB secretary would go to great lengths to support Mr Poole.
Ms Timms conspired with the previous BAB chairman, one Toni Davies, to close a `general meeting` attended by all heads of organisations prematurely to prevent Henry Ellis from asking why the BAB had made Mr Poole a pioneer of British Aikido.
Whilst Henry Ellis was on his feet waiting to speak - The then BAB chairman Toni Davies immediately closed the meeting stating another group were waiting to use the hall. - There was no other group - Henry Ellis checked with the facility manager who confirmed that the BAB were the only booking that day. ( on record )
Ms Timms to her eternal discredit, actually confirmed the previously verbal  lies in ``writing``in  a letter to Henry Ellis  that the meeting was closed prematurely as there was another group waiting to use the hall. ( on record )

Apology Received from The (ex) BAB Executive Communication Officer 6/9/09 .

No apology from BAB for this vicious act of slander.


Dear Henry,
write this email to once and for all state that I am truly sorry for all of the distress caused to you by my email correspondence which contained information I now know to be complete lies and fabrications.
The basis for the lies came from various members of the then BAB Exec team. These meeting were held in both Solihull and Slough at the home of the BAB Secretary, Shirley Timm’s. None of the information discussed at these meeting was minuted in any detail with regard to you. It became apparent very quickly they were trying to recover themselves from a huge mistake they had made with regard to awarding Jack Poole an award for time in Aikido when he clearly had not been in Aikido this long. People turned against you in these meetings and started to bad mouth your good name and character with utter rubbish and fabrication. Shirley Timm’s was the basis and the main instigator in these lies with Tony Davis also adding false anecdotes and recounting tales which now quite clearly never occurred. Sadly, I listened to these and believed them. I know now they are completely false.
With Regard,
The (ex) BAB Communication Officer ( name with-held for legal reasons ) -

 ( Henry Ellis did not have a motoring offence against his good name. )

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There were 5 Aikido Pioneers - 6 Bronze Statues - Then Jack Poole the new Budo Pioneer

__________________________________________YEAR - 2000.BAB NATIONAL INSULT SEMINAR____________________________

The BAB presented four pioneers of UK Aikido with a bronze statue.
Henry Ellis was shocked to see one of his own ex-students named Jack Poole creeping quietly to the end of the presentation line up.You could not make this story up; but the discredited British Aikido Board did.

The BAB chairman and secretary aided by supporters of Jack Poole went to great lengths to re-create Mr Poole as a`Pioneer of British Aikido`.This was done with total disregard and disrespect for the memory of Kenshiro Abbe and the true history and Lineage of Aikido in the UK from its inception in 1955.

The then BAB Vice Chairman Ralph Reynolds Sensei told Henry Ellis that Mr Poole and his associated members had threatened to boycott the national seminar; and possibly resign from the BAB if Mr Poole was not included in the presentation as a pioneer. This explains the sudden inclusion of Mr Poole as a new pioneer.

Toni Davies.
2000 - The inept BAB Chairman who lied to all attending association members by closing the general meeting early; saying that another group were waiting to use the meeting room.
Toni Davies lied as Henry Ellis stood up to speak,he lied to prevent Henry Ellis raising questions on Mr Poole's charade.
Henry Ellis checked with the facility manager who confirmed the BAB were the only group booking the hall that day.
Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman were founder members of the BAB.They resigned the ESTA in disgust at what the BAB had become.

2000 - Mr Vincent Sumpter. The new BAB chairman after the dumping of the inept previous chairman Toni Davies.
It was hoped Mr Sumpter would be a much needed breath of fresh air for what is the halitosis of the then BAB.Sadly, not so,he has proved to be a clone of Toni Davies.

Mr Sumpter rather than resolving the controversy; continued his predecessors full support of Mr Poole.
The BAB were instructed by Sport England the head of UK governing bodies to apologise to Henry Ellis for their conduct.The apology did not deter the senior BAB executives who then began a campaign to slander the good name of Henry Ellis in its continued support for Mr Jack Poole.
See below the apology from the Ex-BAB Executive below.

Ms Shirley Timms BAB Secretary..

Ms Timms was the loyal and long serving secretary to the BAB. She was also a long time student at the Hut Dojo; the birth place of UK Aikido history from 1955.
Ms Timms was not at the Hut Dojo in 1955; but she would have been familiar with the history and the facts.
Ms Timms as the BAB secretary refused to see photos - statements and videos of Mr Poole's charade,she continued to promote Mr Poole to the BAB's unsuspecting members as a pioneer of British Aikido. The true pioneers were listed as such on the BAB event brochure and poster,there was no mention of Mr Poole until he crept on to the end of the presentation line up to collect his tarnished statue..

See the event programme below and win a prize.

Gary Masters - KenShinKai

Read the ` KenShinKai Aikido ` letter of support for the fraud of Jack Poole from Gary Masters. KenShinKai Aikido support for the fraud of Jack Poole The BAB have since apologised - The KenShinKai still supports Mr Poole's fraudulent claims...Right - Mr Poole clutches his coveted statue.

Mr Jack Poole initially claimed to have dan grades in Aikido - Kendo - Karate - Judo - These claims have now changed on his website to "" Mr Poole has trained to dan grade standard in several martial arts "" Jack, you should have been a politician..

Jack Poole Bio Exposed Click Jack Exposed

Mr Keith Holland.

The `Controversy` did have its lighter moments with the following comment from Mr Keith Holland being my favourite;
"Henry Ellis is envious that his former student Mr Poole has achieved much greater things than Mr Ellis"
As proved all Mr Poole's claims are imaginary other than his 7th dan which was kindly given by his `own` students, and perhaps would explain Mr Holland and others desperately protecting their grades.
Les White told Henry Ellis of a seminar where Mr Poole stood in front of a collective group from beginners to high grades and asked "Errrgh what do you all think if I promote myself to 7th dan ?". Les said the dumb silence was regarded as a `yes` as Mr Poole became 7th dan.So, who did Mr Poole then grade to 6th dan ?? No prizes for guessing.

Henry Ellis
- Diploma's signed by Osensei Morihei Ueshiba No 349 - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - TK Chiba - The Doshu M Ueshiba.

Henry Ellis a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - he is a pioneer of British Aikido from the 1950s - he was one of the first of five Aikido dan grades in the UK.
Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman introduced Aikido to the UK Further Education System in 1963.

Video the British Aikido Board refused to watch.

Jack Poole 1968
When possible Henry Ellis would include beginners such as Mr Poole in demonstrations to encourage new members. The British Aikido Board refused to view this video or the many photos from 1968 of Mr Poole as a beginner.The BAB presented Mr Poole with a Samurai statue to support his claim of Aikido from 1951-2..

The 2000 BAB Brochure - Where is Mr Poole ?

Click to enlarge and win a Prize:

1st prize - Holiday at Butlins on the Isle of Man in February - 2nd prize - Video of a BAB Course - 3rd prize -(Booby prize) a dan grade of your choice from the BAB website.

This is the event leaflet. Listing the instructors to be honoured at the event. If you can find Mr Poole's name on the programme ? you can win a valued prize. I was informed by the BAB `Vice Chairman` that senior Shinwakai and `associated` organisations had threatened to boycott the event if Mr Poole was not included,also possibly leaving the BAB. So, the cowardly BAB sneaked Mr Poole minus his magic lamp on to the end of the line at the last moment for the presentation....

The Poster that created a "Man of Budo"

Click to enlarge: The poster on the left was `approved` and circulated by Ms Timms the secretary of the British Aikido Board in the year 2000. One can see that in the year 2000 Mr Poole claims 47 years of Aikido. A claim to have started Aikido in 1953 as a student in France of Tadashi Abe Sensei...Making Mr Poole the first UK Aikidoka. Mr Poole was actually a beginner in the Ellis Dojo at Slough in 1968. See the email below from another student Roger Gilmartin from 1968, he is in the photos with Mr Poole, email received on the 27th - August - 2010... Pierre Chasang Sensei the first student of Tadashi Abe adamantly denies Mr Poole's claim.
The BAB were fully aware of Mr Poole's true history, refusing to see 1968 photos and film. The BAB ( Bad @ Budo ) considered Mr Poole's membership with much higher regard than the proud history and lineage left in our care by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei the founding father of British Aikido.

Email from Roger Gilmartin.

Roger Gilmatin is the young man sitting far left on photo.

Received 27th August 2010.
Attention: Sensei Henry Ellis
Sensei – My name is Roger Gilmartin, I was one of your students at Slough and Bracknell Sports Centre dojos. I was Mr. Goodwin’s assistant, while John Berloth was yours.
I have just become aware of the bewildering tale of Jack Poole. Your account of the facts tally’s precisely with my memory of that period. I can only conclude that poor Jack has suffered a mental breakdown of some nature and lives in a delusion.
Congratulations on your success, my years as a student of yours count among the best of my life.

Roger Gilmartin 3rd Kyu.

Ms Shirley Timms

British Aikido Board Secretary Ms Shirley Timms.

Henry Ellis dared to question the appalling conduct of the BAB.
Ms S Timms the BAB secretary stated "Henry Ellis is in BIG BIG trouble now!!; we the BAB are employing a barrister to sue Ellis for Libel". I am still waiting. A lawyer would advise Ms Timms that you cannot sue people for speaking the truth, when you are the one that is lying..H Ellis
I assume that Big Big trouble is serious stuff.In reality; I should sue Ms Timms and the BAB for the serious defamation of my good character as detailed in the ex BAB executives apology.Read the ex BAB executives apology below.)

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Jack Poole's supporters Fight Back in Defence of their Budo Master and their Grades

Jack Poole made many false claimes in his attempt to change the history of British Aikido. 
Henry Ellis produced facts - with many photos/video/letters/statements/ documents/ all from eminent Martial Artists. Including TK Chiba Shihan ~ Robin Otani Sensei President of the BJC. Arnold Davies President of the International Bushido Za Zen Society. Pierre Chasange Sensei. all of which would prove that Mr Poole's bizarre claims were total bullshit;
Did Mr Poole fight back with evidence to support his charade? " NO "
The Only Cowardly Defence on Offer was Blackmail; please see the threatening email below to Henry Ellis.

Mr Poole was unable to counter with factual evidence ?? NO !! not once..Mr Poole's supporters had no defence to offer,so, to protect their grades these supporters began a campaign of blackmail & hate mail ~ They even created `Hate Websites` and hate email addresses in the name of Henry Ellis.( copies available )..No proof, just desperate childish revenge...Their childish antics came to nothing as Sport England compelled the BAB to give Henry Ellis a public apology for their conduct.


Email from the Poole supporters, Set up in my name and unsigned as always.


Sent: Monday; October 13, 2003 1: 02 pm
Subject: You Have Gone Too Far
>If you do not discontinue your disgusting, misguided and ignorant obession with >Jack Poole this site will be your worst nightmare.
> www.angelfire.com/ego2/henryellis ( hate website )
>The world will be told every little detail about you, all those things you've tried to hide!
> You have been warned.


The Supporters of the Jack Poole Fraud - offered not one item of proof of Mr Poole's claims - so they reveret to the defense of the cowards they are, by anonymous emails and websites such as the one below.
  Here is another example of the cowardice of the Jack Poole cohorts. A hate website.

Mr Poole and his supporters did not offer one factual item of evidence. Just hate emails and websites.

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Aikido Controversy ~ BAB & Jack Poole

British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show

1955 - Arrival in the UK of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei ~ Development of British Budo.

Item: 24

Enquiry from a London Police Officer.

During the ``controversy`` I received an email from a London Metropolitan detective who was also involved in Aikido, he stated that Mr Poole had said to him ""How dare you question a man of Budo? a man who has studied directly with OSensei !""... I was asked if I could confirm this statement ?... I responded "" Mr Poole started Aikido as a complete beginner in 1968 with me, OSensei died in 1969, so the answer is `NO`!!!!.

Sorry ~ There are no Prizes for finding Mr Poole in the Photo.

L to R ~ Sensei's Foster ~Reynolds ~ Smith ~Ellis ~ Eastman ~ ``Mr Poole``.
Imagine how I felt when I am being presented with an award as a pioneer of British Aikido, the shock at seeing one of my own students unknowingly creep up to collect the same award...You could not make it up; the BAB did !!....

Read Mr Jack Poole's amazing Bio ~ Click here-> Jack Poole Bio

BullShiDo - The Jack Poole Archives Click here >
BullShiDo Jack Poole Archives

Item: 29

The People who helped to promote the " Jack Poole Myth "

< Mr G Masters:.

.Despite Mr Poole being proved beyond all doubt to be a fraud he still has some ardent supporters such as Gary Masters Sensei of the `` KenShinKai`` who wrote this heart rendering impassioned rather touching letter of support for Mr Poole on the NACD forum. With handerchief in hand Click here for letter>KenShinKai Letter

< Mr K Holland:

Another heartfelt message on the NACD was left by Mr Keith Holland who stated " Henry Ellis is envious that Mr Poole has gone on to achieve far more than Mr Ellis himself " ( words to that effect - message on file )

I humbly accept that Mr Poole is now senior to me with his self graded 7th dan Aikido.
I recall Mr Les White telling of what he referred to as a very embarrassing situation at a seminar; where Mr Poole asked all attendees from beginners to dan grades " Errgh, what do you all think if I promote myself to 7th dan ??? " Yes!! of course I am envious :-) .....just as I am envious of Mr Hollands grades and all those people given high grades by Mr Poole.......

Henry Ellis 6th dan: International BiranKai - AikKai Hombu..Grades signed by ~ Osensei M Ueshiba cert No 349 ~ Kenshiro Abbe ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ TK Chiba Shihan ~ The Doshu Moriterue Ueshiba.

This photo clearly shows Mr Poole as a beginner at the ESTA Slough Dojo in 1968.
In the this photo is a 16 year old student named Roger Gilmartin who just last week sent Henry Ellis the email copied above.
Click for the 1968 Jack Poole Gallery

Item: 30

The British Aikido Controversy ~ Who was to Blame ???

Of course Mr Jack Poole is to blame. Yet,one must consider the British Aikido Board to shoulder 90% of the blame. Mr Poole could not have achieved his initial intention to `con` his own students and the British Aikido community without the ```knowing ```and full corrupt support of the BAB.

< Left: Toni Davis.
The man that brought the BAB into disrepute.

Toni Davies in the year 2000 was the Chairman of the British Aikido Board. It was Mr Davies who placed the whole credibility of the BAB at stake by offering his full support to Mr Poole. He even resorted at a general meeting to something the membership had never witnessed before, he abruptly ended a meeting to prevent Mr Ellis speaking about Mr Poole and the collusion of the BAB executive. Mr Davies then lied to the `heads of organisations` that another group were waiting to use the room. A check with the manager confirmed the hall was used that day only by the BAB..

< Left: Mr Vincent Sumpter.

Mr Sumpter is the present chairman of the BAB. It was hoped that a new chairman would bring some respect back to the discredited BAB by resolving the situation referred to as the " British Aikido Controversy " unfortunately, Mr Sumpter proved to be worse than Toni Davies, Mr Sumpter became totally supportive of Mr Poole. Mr Sumpter would later embarrassedly face the officials of Sports UK and be ``ordered`` to give Henry Ellis a full apology.

Right: Ms Shirley Timms the secretary to the BAB from its inception. I respected her hard work over many years on behalf of the BAB and its membership. Yet, after so many years of faithful service she decided to give her full and undivided support to Mr Jack Poole.
Ms Timms informed the secretary of the ESTA ~ [Quote]: `That man` ( Henry Ellis ) is in BIG BIG trouble, we will take libel action against him. `That man` will never again take part in another BAB national seminar " [unquote]:...~

One can only assume that `BIG BIG` trouble is a lot of trouble? ..The truth is that Henry Ellis forced the BAB to a meeting with Sports UK where the BAB were ordered to give Mr Ellis an apology.Click here> British Aikido Board Apology

The threat that Mr Ellis would never again take part in a BAB national seminar could only be regarded as a blessing, the event is always poorly attended with teachers who are ``approved `` are mainly `friends` of Ms Timms.


A disturbing confession of an ex BAB executive as he apologizes for his part in the BAB executive slander of Henry Ellis at meetings in Ms Timms home...Click to read.. Click here

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