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The British Aikido Board & Jack Poole Controversy 

Mr Jack Poole the leading light of the British Aikido Board
[ Disclaimer - Mr Poole was a complete beginner with Henry Ellis long before he reinvented himself as the first UK Aikidoka and Budoka - Ellis Sensei denies ever teaching Mr Poole to light the dojo when the shilling ran out in the meter. ]

For the Full factual documented investigation in to the collusion of the BAB and Mr Jack Poole. 
visit the ` Martial Arts Encyclopedia Archives`  [ accessed over 140,000 times ]

A most shocking story of delusion on a grand scale,ego, fraudulent lies and shameless betrayal, There were many who knew the truth of Mr Jack Poole and ` willingly ` offered their support  to protect their grades and betray the trust of many decent loyal members and students.

A senior student of Mr Poole's, a man of character and self respect visted Henry Ellis to find the truth, Henry Ellis welcomed him in to his home, Mr Pooles senior student explained how for many years he had been loyal to Mr Poole and sat for many hours listening to his stories ( bullshit ) of his history, having seen the facts, he now felt betrayed by the man he once trusted and respected, sadly he was no longer able to continue in Aikido.

The British Aikido Board & Jack Poole Exposed

 British Aikido Board Controversy
To this day the shameless discredited BAB are no less shameless, over recent years there has been mass resignations of smaller organisations and individuals, the British Aikido Board has lost approx 60% of its original membership, yet they still have no shame or respect.  - Henry Ellis Shihan 

" It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit " - Noel Coward

History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies` -  Alexis de Tocqueville. 

A Letter from an EX  `British Aikido Board Executive` that will forever shame the BAB 

Dear Henry,
I write this email to once and for all state that I am truly sorry for all of the distress caused to you by my email correspondence which contained information I now know to be complete lies and fabrications.
The basis for the lies came from various members of the then BAB Exec team. 
These meeting were held in both Solihull and Slough at the home of the BAB Secretary, Shirley Timm’s. 
None of the information discussed at these meeting was minuted in any detail with regard to you. 

It became apparent very quickly they were trying to recover themselves from a huge mistake they had made with regard to awarding Jack Poole an award for time in Aikido when he clearly had not been in Aikido this long. People turned against you in these meetings and started to bad mouth your good name and character with utter rubbish and fabrication.
 Shirley Timm’s was the basis and the main instigator in these lies with Tony Davis also adding false anecdotes and recounting tales which now quite clearly never occurred. Sadly, I listened to these and believed them. I know now they are completely false.
With Regard,
The (ex) BAB Communication Officer ( name with-held for legal reasons ) -

 ( Note: Henry Ellis did not even have a motoring offence against his good name. )


L to R - Ms S Timms - Mr Jack Poole - Mr Toni Davis - Mr Vincent Sumpter.

Ms Timms is the British Aikido Boards secretary - Mr Poole with the collusion of the executives of the BAB attempted to change forever the true proud history and lineage of UK Aikido history - Mr Davis (chairman ) in defense of Mr Poole, publicly stated " We the BAB are not the custodians of British Aikido History ` and therefore have no interest in the same " - When Mr Sumpter became BAB chairman nothing changed, in fact the support for Mr Poole increased.
Henry Ellis brought the disgraceful conduct of the BAB before ` Sport UK ` the UK Sports National Governing Body.
Mr Sumpter was `ordered ` to issue Mr Ellis with an apology for the conduct of the BAB - despite the humility of issuing an apology - nothing has changed, hence the continuence of the exposure of this site and its factual content.

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything - Mark Twain

UK  Aikido Controversy

A story of fraudulent claims - Student betrayal - Collusion of the `BAB` the UK Aikido Governing Body.

Aikido - 1955 - 2016 - For those that studied with Sensei's  Kenshiro Abbe - Tadashi Abe -Masahilo Nakazono -  Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba Sensei in those early days will remember their Aikido being true Budo, something that very few will ever see again - read " Aikido Then and Now - 1955 - 2016.

" You have to know the past to understand the present " - Carl Sagan

Mr  Jack Poole

 Although Mr Poole started his Aikido career with Henry Ellis in 1968 ( not as he claims 1952 with Tadashi Abe  )  Henry Ellis did not teach Mr Poole how to light a 40 watt bulb with his Ki finger.

Read the article

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twain


What is the main issue with the BAB  - Jack Poole and Henry Ellis ??

Mr Poole was an immediate beginner in martial arts in 1968 at the Slough UK dojo of Henry Ellis Sensei. - documented attendance record and photos.
There are now so many teachers making false claims to lineage, titles and grades - if this had simply been the case with Mr Poole, this would just be another wanna-be Budo man.
This case is different, Mr Poole acting in deceitful  collusion with the so called governing body for British Aikido decided to totally re-invent himself - his history and lineage, which was in total contrast to that of Henry Ellis a pioneer student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from the 1950s. To ignore these fraudulent claims would have totally changed the true history and lineage of British Aikido from its inception in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei.
The content of this site is only important if you value truth and integrity - history and lineage - If you are self graded and have no interest in history and lineage, then I can understand why this site would offend your sense of values.

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twain

1- Mr Poole claimed to have studied in France with Tadashi Abbe Sensei in 1951/2 - a documented proven lie.by Pierre Chasang Sensei  personal assistant to Tadashi Abe Sensei.
2 - Mr Poole claimed to have studied Kendo with Tomio Otani Sensei in 1954 - Tomio was then a 14 yr old schoolboy.
3 - Mr Poole claimed dan grades in Shotokan Karate 16 years before it was introduced to the UK.
4 - Mr Poole claimed to be a 3rd dan with Matsutaro  Otani Sensei 1954 - Denied as fiction by R Otani Sensei president of the BJC.
5 - Mr Poole claimed to have represented the British Judo Council in International competition 1954 - several years before the BJC was created - once again ridiculed by R Otani president of the BJC.
Mr Poole and the BAB executive have never apologised for their fraudulent conduct to Henry Ellis, or more importantly to their own trusting students.
It now states on Mr Poole's website " Sensei Poole has trained to black belt standard in many martial arts" - Not good enough Mr Poole - you are either a genuine dan grade or full of BS.

Henry Ellis proved beyond doubt with factual documented evidence that the claims of Mr Poole were fraudulent, did Mr Poole and his supporters fight back with an equally damning defence of their teacher, and their now suspect grades ?  No they did not - In desperation they created a website entitled " Bitter and Twisted " - scroll down to see the pathetic web page that is preserved here as an indication of  the lack of moral fiber  of  some of Mr Pooles supporters.

A senior  student of Mr Poole's requested to meet Henry Ellis - he was invited to Mr Ellis's home, shown all the documented evidence, then he sadly stated " I have sat next to Mr Poole for many hours over the years listening fascinated to his personal Budo stories, I now feel betrayed ".

They say ` you couldn't make it up ` - Jack Poole and the BAB did just that.

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twain

Visit `The Martial Arts Encyclopedia`

The `MAE` fully documents the appalling shameless conduct of Jack Poole and the then crass BAB executive

British Aikido Board Controversy

All information on this site is Legally - Factual - Honest and Truthfully Documented.

 Available on Hard Copy.

 Admin - Henry Ellis Shihan - UK Aikido Pioneer.

Click here for the damning " British Aikido Board Exposed "

[ Documented ] 

The British Aikido History Fraud

" Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure." - Sophocles

Henry Ellis, wishing to avoid a public controversy in regard to the false and fraudulent claims of Mr Jack Poole, a man who's outrageous  claims that would attempt to alter the true proud history and lineage of British Aikido, claims which were fully encouraged and supported by the `British Aikido Board's `chief executives, a group who collectively agreed to ignore and disregard the factual irrefutable evidence and promote the myths that would make Jack Poole the first British student of Aikido. 

 Henry Ellis requested a private meeting between himself, the BAB, and Mr Jack Poole .  

Photo left above: The BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter who replied  to Henry Ellis's request with a blunt ` NO ',  stating he would only `facilitate` a meeting between Ellis and Poole with the cowardly BAB sitting safely in the background as `` observers `` - Ellis refused as he considered the collusion of the BAB as the main instigators of the ` British Aikido History Fraud.
Right - BAB secretary Ms Shirley Timms.

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twain

"No matter your pretense, you are what you are, nothing more " - Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 - 1985

  Jack Poole 

" Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure." - Sophocles 

The Betrayal of British Budo by the `British Aikido Board` [BAB]

BAB = `Bad at Budo`.

Initially it would appear that Mr Jack Poole is to blame  for bringing the British Aikido Board into disrepute.
I would suggest the blame lays squarely with the British Aikido Board for believing - promoting and supporting Mr Poole's fraudulent claims.

By - Admin Henry Ellis

The British Aikido Board Executive can, and will, make all of your Day-Dreams and Phoney  Dodgy Lineage a Reality

Mr Jack Poole – The Claims - The Lies - The Bullshit

Mr Poole a beginner in 1968 desperately wanted to be recognised as an Aikido pioneer and a `Man of Budo`
He almost succeeded with the devious support of the discredited `British Aikido Board` = BAB = Bad at Budo.
Mr Poole claimed to be a student of Osensei M Ueshiba - Lie - Statement from a London Metropolitan Police Detective.
Mr Poole's claim - trained with Tadashi Abe ? – France from 1952 – Pierre Chasange stated this to be a lie.No UK students in France during 1950s / 60s.
Mr Poole's claim -graded 3rd dan Judo by Masutaro Otani Sensei ? – another proven lie by R Otani Sensei President British Judo Council [ BJC ]
Mr Poole's claim - represented the BJC internationally from 1954 ? - Lie – BJC not created until1958, first BJC international competition 1966.
Mr Poole's claim to have studied Kendo with Tomio Otani from 1953 - Lie -  1953 Tomio would have been a 14 yr old schoolboy and long before K Abbe Sensei taught Tomio.
Mr Poole's claim - dan grade Shotokan Karate 1955 ? – Shotokan inception to UK 1966 By Dr V Bell and Enoda Sensei.
Mr Poole and his supporters did not understand that in the 1950s 3rd dan was a very high grade - this was a time long before people like Mr Poole began grading themselves.

Mr Poole’s website now states “ Mr Poole - has trained to black belt standard in several martial arts.???

  It Only Takes the Good Aikidoka to Stand Quietly By - For the Fraudulent Plastic Samurai to Succeed. 
Left: Mr Jack Poole - Right: Ms Shirley Timms

The British Aikido Board Controversy Slide-Show.The British Aikido Board Event Presentation Programme

       Reads (  pause at 7m 14sec )
" This year is a particular special event because we will be honouring 5 ( FIVE ) instructors who have served over 40  ( FORTY )  continuous years teaching Aikido in the UK. "

They are:  H Ellis ~ H Foster ~ R Reynolds ~ W Smith - D Eastman.

NOW look at the presentation group photo and the named 5 ( FIVE ) has mysteriously become 6  ( SIX )  

“ If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” - Mark Twain





 The British Aikido Board invite Henry Ellis to receive an award as a pioneer of UK Aikido - unbelievably - They secretly invite Mr Jack Poole who was one of Ellis Sensei's students to receive the very same award - As Henry Ellis lined up to be presented with the award, he heard a sniffle and a shuffling sound behind him, he looked behind to see Mr Jack Poole waiting to be re-invented as the new British Aikido Board's `Pioneer`.
Mr Poole claimed to have dan grades in Aikido - Kendo - Karate - Judo.
Unashamedly `every` teacher he named was deceased.

Visit the - British Aikido Board Exposed Blog -  British Aikido Board Exposed 

Below: Visit the BAB - Jack Poole - Henry Ellis ``Slide-Show``.

See the letter from an Ex BAB Executive - See the Blackmail email and malicious website set up by Mr Poole's cohorts. 

Awarded the "Snippet Fact.com" Web Award for factual Aikido content.

aikido facts
Mr Jack Poole - a beginner with Henry Ellis Sensei in 1968 - Mr Poole thought no one was looking and re-invented himself - he claimed to be the first pioneer of British Aikido from 1951 as a student of Tadashi Abe Sensei in France - This claim was totally denied by Pierre Chasang Sensei the first personal French student and aide of Tadashi Abe Sensei.
Despite fully knowing these claims were fraudulent, Ms Timms the British Aikido Board secretary offered Mr Poole her full support then, and continues to this day, adding insult to the true pioneers of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Ms Timms the BAB secretary proposed the presentation to Mr Poole of a Samurai statue to cement their collusion and conspiracy.
Mr Poole was not on the National Seminar poster - nor was he on the event brochure - yet, Mr Poole's engraved bronze Samurai statue was prepared in advance by the devious BAB along with the statues of the genuine pioneers of UK Aikido. The genuine pioneers had no knowledge of this fraud until the day of the event when Mr Poole sneaked on the end the line up of the. presentation group.

 Mr Poole claimed in addition to Aikido, to also have dan grades in Kendo - Karate & Judo - " ALL" these claims were `proven` to be false and without any foundation - Just like Toni Bliar the artful dodgy politician, Mr Poole has now comically changed these claims on his websites to read

"""Mr Poole has trained to black belt standard in several martial arts.""" <]:-)

The British Aikido Board not only condone this bullshit - they actually encourage it. 
The photo below is the BAB presentation photo given to ``all`` instructors taking part - It reads  "BAB National Course 2000 - Presentations to BAB instructors who have been coaching for over 40 years "
To have been coaching for over forty years allows one a minimum of 45 years to reach that position - yet, the BAB were fully aware that Mr Poole had been a beginner with Henry Ellis in 1968. If we were dumb enough to believe Mr Poole's claims, this would make him the first British student of Aikido.
It is comical to read the BAB claim to " Maintain standards in British Aikido ".  


British Aikido Board 
Documented evidence of the conduct of the UK Governing Body for Aikido.

Detailing the BAB's attempted collusion with one Mr Jack Poole to change forever the true proud history and lineage of British Aikido, from its inception to the UK in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Henry Ellis dared to question the conduct of the BAB - The BAB despite knowing that Henry Ellis did not even have a motoring offence against his good name and character - began to spread slanderous rumours that Mr Ellis had been charged with "GBH" grievous bodily harm - a charge second only to murder - as exposed by a ex-senior BAB executive.

Henry Ellis was actually Mr Poole's first teacher as one can clearly see from the large collection of photos and statements, this did not deter the BAB from proudly parading Mr Poole along-side his teacher as a `Pioneer of British Aikido` .

Imagine you are a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and recognised by the Doshu and TK Chiba as a true pioneer of British Aikido - The UK Aikido governing body invite you to receive an award in recognition of this - As you wait to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham - you hear a shuffling sound - you look behind - standing there unannounced is one of your old students in line to receive the same award as a pioneer - unbelievable.You could not make this up - The BAB did.

~ ~ ~ ~

Read the full amazing story below `British Aikido History `.

British Aikido History

Visit - Aikido Books - for `Positive Aikido`
1955 - 2012


The official British Aikido History site - Is dedicated to the true history of Aikido in the UK from its inception in 1955 by the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Right: Kenshiro Abbe Sensei with Ken Williams Sensei at the Hut Dojo.

The site is maintained by AikiKai Shihans Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman -  The last two surviving pioneers from that exciting era of the birth of Aikido in the UK at the famous "Hut Dojo"

Ellis & Eastman Sensei's are co-authors of the book `Positive Aikido` - they are proud to have their diplomas signed by legends - Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Right: Mitsusuke Harada Sensei

Right: Henry Ellis - Mitsusuke Harada - Derek Eastman join Harada Sensei at the TK Chiba Celebration in 2006. Harada Sensei was invited to the UK in 1963 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - He held his first classes at the Hut Dojo.

Harada Sensei had no students to begin with - Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman studied Karate with Harada, he in turn studied Aikido with them - Harada began to incorporate Aikido moves into his Shotokai Karate as can be seen in his teachings today.

Click here for the British Aikido History Blog > British Aikido History Site

Earliest known UK Aikido film / video of a public Aikido demonstration 1963.

USAF UK Air Base - European Forces Judo Championships.

Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Geoff Goodwin.
Click here ->  Earliest UK Aikido Demonstration Film.

Visit the ``British Aikido Board Exposed `` Blog.
For the shocking truth about this crass organisation British Aikido Board Exposed


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis ~ The Arrival of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Development of Budo in the UK.

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